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Mike Holt for US Senate

Mike Holt

For U.S. Senate

Mike Holt

To change our future, we need to change our path. It's time for change, it's time for a new type of Candidate!

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The New Prototype

Meet the Right Candidate

A son, a husband, a father
Your friend, your neighbor
Your next Senator!

Mike Holt

Mike Holt


I grew up in northwest Ohio, where I was raised by a proud single mother in a rural, working class community.

After graduating high school, I moved to the Columbus area where I continued my education.

  • Trade school: automotive engine and transmission, certified
  • Ohio State: BS Degree in Chemistry, Architecture

Before finishing my degree, I met my wife of 33 years and we moved to a small farm in Mount Vernon, Ohio where we have lived and raised our three daughters for over 30 years.

Work Experience

  • Truck Driver, CDL license, drove gasoline tanker
  • Roofing design company, draftsman designer
  • Global chemical company, chemist, technology manager, experience working in other countries
  • Diesel and auto mechanic, local company as well as self-employed
  • Construction/remodeling company, owner and crew member
  • Farming, horses, cattle, sheep, and hay


Why do you want to be a US Senator?

I am tired of seeing my friends fighting with members of their own families. I am tired of seeing neighbors, that have lived for years side by side, no longer talking. I am tired of standing by and watching communities get torn apart. And most of all, I am tired of listening to politicians banter on and never once mention how devastated they are by watching all of this destroy our country.

I am genuinely concerned for the problems that we face as a country. I believe the vast majority of our politicians are motivated by greed, power, and advancing their own political careers and ideological agendas, which has led to a broken political system that no longer represents the American people, and only benefits lobbyists, special interests, and the wealthy few, who fund and profit from them.

However, I still believe in our country, I believe in our constitution, and I believe in championing this country for the benefit of all Americans. As a citizen, and a father, who is motivated by truth, justice, and sense of civic duty, I feel compelled to do everything I can to save our country; and, I honestly believe that with my real-world skills and experience as a humble farmer, a blue-collar builder, and a proud small-business owner that I can work to create a better life for all Ohioans, all Americans, and our future generations.

My Promises

Mike Holt Talking To a Lady

Promise #1

A Welcome Change to the Political Arena

I promise to remain true to the people of Ohio. I will not be distracted by political games and corruption in the Government.

Mike Holt Holding Constitution brochure

Promise #2

A Voice for ALL People

I promise I will fight to make sure the voice of all Ohio families, OUR VOICE, the voice of the people will ring loud and clear! We are the ones that built this country and continue to be its driving force. Now, it's our time to decide on our path forward!

Writting Plans With Laptop

Promise #3

Commonsense Solutions for Business and Community Success

Promise to target legislation for small and family-owned businesses to allow them to survive amongst the large corporate giants.

Current Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

The safety of our citizens and our officers must be top priority.

We will support law and order: We will support Law Enforcement and any additional funding needed to provide training and new technology that supports the safety of the officers and the community they serve.

I would like to see and will push for programs that allow our officers to interact more with the community they serve. If the community knows and trusts our officers and vice versa, the entire system benefits and will be successful.

I would also like to see the punishments for heinous crimes be stricter and the conditions of our jails for these crimes be less like a spa or a vacation resort. If the criminals that are a threat to society and to our officers, are behind bars, safety becomes easier to maintain.

Some of the technology we have out there is truly amazing. However, these sources are not complete and not ready for implementation. Take the electric car for example.

The science behind the technology has really advanced if the past few years. However, the entire system has not advanced along with that technology.

  • Battery life needs improved. At the prices of these batteries, they need to outlast the remaining components of the cars.
  • Battery charging and battery time between charges needs to be improved. Risk of drivers being stranded is very likely.
  • Battery disposal, regeneration and or recycling has not been completely thought through. Large hazardous material dump sites are popping up all over the place - this will destroy our planet!
  • The technology is not developed within the USA. Once again we are dependent on other countries.

As shown in the electric car industry, we can not mandate dates to be implemented if the technology isn't complete. We should have target dates for the entire system to be vetted and proven. From there we can begin to look at cost, economical feasibility and if these technologies can be fully supported from within the United States. Major penalties should follow to any company falsifying any portion of the procedure.

Things like electric cars may seem green, but if we can't produce the electricity and dispose of the hazardous materials without damaging our planet - how green are they?

Similar issues arise in several other areas:

  1. Giant wind turbines, parts don't last, no place to recycle, end up in large dumps. Also requires deicing with hazardous materials, use large quantities of oil, etc.
  2. Solar panels have similar environmental issues. Mining practices destroy large areas of habitats, produce toxic waste and have very high carbon emissions. Very limited capacity and very costly to utilize.

Most of the problems we are facing today in our schools are rooted in the Department of Education. They have taken control of our schools, the curriculum that is taught and the directions for the future of our schools and children. These functions belong in the control of the parents, the teachers, and the State. The Department of Education needs to be abolished and the powers returned to the proper owners, the parents and the local communities that care about our kids. It is not the governments job to indoctrinate our children and change the beliefs that the parents have instilled in their children. This needs to end now!

I feel that our schools have become way to politicized. We need to return the schools to basic educational needs. Math, science, and literary skills. History should be taught as it actually occurred, not changed to promote an ideology.

As we fight over these new political and ideological agendas, our kids are suffering at levels never seen in this country. The education given in other countries has the American student suffering from the loss of their basic skills to be able to compete in today’s world. Our schools are failing us at an all time high rate!

As a free country, we need to have school choice. Too many kids suffer from being stuck in a school that is failing with no choice of transferring to a different location. Tax dollars for education needs to follow the student. All children are entitled to the best education we can give.

The large teachers unions are no longer a value to the students or the teachers. They have drifted to a position of control for political reasoning. We need a new structure for these unions where their only concerns are giving our children the proper education and support for our teachers to help them succeed in doing so.

Federal government funding to schools needs to be eliminated allowing for a tax reduction at the federal level. If the federal government pays, they want control. A tax reduction at the federal level would allow for a state tax or local tax to support the schools without over burden to the taxpayers. This would also prevent the federal government from taking our school tax dollars from Ohioans and giving it to another state. This also would allow for additional monies from larger businesses within the community to step up and support the school system. Tax incentives given for these donations would allow more money to be directed to the schools. Federal guidelines should be put in place to assure that these donations are done correctly and with NO strings attached!

I plan, to bring forth the voices that I heard on the campaign trail. While touring the counties of Ohio, we were able to amass a collection of the needs and wants of the people of Ohio. Some of those voices will be heard for the first time all the way to Washington DC. I will fight for and legislate on behalf of all the people of Ohio. I will fight to stop the unbelievably destructive path of division that has been administered to the American people. We are one country, one people and we need to come together and reunite America. I will support the America first agenda and help to bring back the growth of all business, large and small. I will work with others to write a new tax plan that is fair for all and provides for the needs of our country without undue financial strain. I will fight for school choice and the forgotten neighborhood development projects to give every child that is willing to work hard in America the ability to pursue their dreams. I will propose and fight for legislation that will provide aid to our veterans whether it is medical, financial, mental health or new technologies to help them maintain an active lifestyle. I will then pull together a group to figure out how to end the epidemic of homeless people throughout the United States.

Mike Holt at Second and Seven

Mike outside with the American flag

Learn More

About Mike

  • Proponent & protector of 2nd Amendment rights
    • Gun owner and Hunter
  • Respect for nature & animal life
    • Hunting for food source
    • Population and disease control
    • Elimination of Exotic Trophy Hunting
  • Animal rescue volunteer work
    • Livestock
    • Pets
    • Former wildlife level 1 Rehab certification
  • Compassion & Commitment
    • Compassion for the struggling individuals of America
    • Commitment to fight for their needs
  • Charity Support
    • 2nd & 7 Foundation
    • Autism Speaks
    • Ohio Fallen Heroes
  • Demonstrates ingenuity & creativity
    • Ability to innovate & solve problems


Skills & Experience

  • Scientific Background: Ability to understand and evaluate scientific information, studies and experts.
  • BS in Chemistry from OSU.
  • Experience working as a Vet Tech.
  • Technical Skills: Importance of practical considerations; Ability to get the job done.
  • Farming: Lived and worked on a farm his whole life.
  • General Contracting: Operates his own construction and home remodeling business.
  • Automotive Technology with ASE Certification: Specializing in Turbos, Transmissions and Diesel Engines.
  • Business Acumen: Vision to create; Ability to assess and analyze risk; Ability to manage people; Ability to manage accounts and budgets; Ability to delegate; Ability to make difficult decisions.
  • Entrepreneur: Started successful construction and home remodeling company.
  • Employment: Ability to work successfully in large international organization; Leadership role within a major global company.
  • Technology Manager; Global Company: 20 years.
  • Business Experience: working in Asia, specifically China and India; Provides valuable context and perspective in evaluating global trade agreements.
  • Community Member: Neighbor, 4H Advisor, Church Member, Alumnus, Local Hero
  • Understands the value and two-way benefit of neighbors helping neighbors, of working together and sticking together to overcome adversity, hardship and misfortune in the community.
  • Whether it’s rounding up loose cattle or keeping an eye on the kids, from plowing driveways in the winter to baling hay in the summer – always quick to lend a helping hand.
  • Proud OSU Alumnus.
  • Local Hero News Story: Ability to respond to an emergency or crisis; Ability to rise to the occasion.

Mike Holt

What People Say

Finally a great, honorable and family man. Mike I pray for your success and ask others to do the same. Push hard and take no prisoners. God, wife, family and then 2nd.

The Eyes of Texas are upon you to watch you help swing Ohio firmly back to the Right! You show ‘em, Mike!!

Trust me I've been friends with Mike Holt since elementary school and I've known you long enough to tell you that he stands and fights for everything you believe in!

Michael Holt Let's get you into office!


Mike Holt Waving to People

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